On-site Interpreting

Multilingual interpreting services for the Houston area. Interpreting for foreign business clients and government officials visiting Houston. Also, interpreting for Houston area clients visiting overseas businesses and governments. Available for conferences and other events in the United States and worldwide.

“Eric’s extensive knowledge of Mexico’s culture and business practices have proven valuable to our organization as we seek to establish partnerships in many cities throughout Latin America. Eric’s passion for absorbing himself in other cultures and languages enables him to take a detail-oriented, thorough approach to accomplishing any task involving our international neighbors.”

Jason Lyons, Vice-President
USA Employment

Intensive Language Training

“Eric’s abilities to instruct others has no equal. I have used him and will not hesitate to recommend him to others who have need of his services.”

Kenneth K. Vernor
President, Vernor Material & Equipment
Freeport, TX

Certified Instructor in English as a Second Language (ESL). English training for Spanish speakers and speakers of other languages. Training in Spanish and other languages for English speakers. Specializing in intensive training for individuals and groups who need quick instruction before going overseas. Also, English training for Spanish speakers and speakers of other languages visiting the United States.

Quick Translation

Translations from Spanish and other languages into English. Rapid on-site oral translation of documents from multiple languages for Houston area businesses.

“Eric provides fast and accurate translations for Spanish.  He has helped us with last minute projects for Latin America.”

Amber Roberson, Marketing Rep.
Port of Freeport, Texas