How to Cite a Translation in an Essay

In any academic field, one needs sources of their work so that it can be proven that they really did thorough research on the same. A translation essay is one such instance of academic work that needs sources so that it can be accepted as a work done by an academic. The act of formally crediting your source of information is referred to as citing. It is a way of acknowledging that someone else’s work was of great value for your research.

Know the Citation Style

There are a number of styles that can be used to cite someone else’s essay. When citing a translation essay or using services like for your essay writing, you should have in mind what technique you will use for your work. For instance, when you want to use the MLA style; use its guidelines until the end. Do not mix up MLA with APA because those are two different styles.

Be Sure With the Foreign Alphabet and Grammar

When translating work from one language to the other, it is vital that you countercheck to be sure that you have noted down the work with the alphabet as is required. Not all alphabets are written the same way. Every language has their characteristic or style of writing their alphabet. Be conversant with that before citing a translated work.

Take Account of the Author and Date of the Material in Case You Paraphrase

At times, you have not to quote directly from one language to another because meaning may be lost. In such cases, one needs to paraphrase the translated text. That though does not mean that it is your work because you are using someone else’s only that you have rephrased it to your language. In that case, you have to acknowledge the author and have the date of the material of the text used.

Provide the Citation Verbatim

This is as easy as noting down that citation as it is. Not changing a single thing about it so that the original language can be seen to have been used in the citation.

There can be as many ways of citing translations and a whole rulebook, but the ones stressed on in this article are very important for anyone who wishes to do a research paper and cites from a foreign language or a language they are not familiar with.

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