EricEric Dondero Rittberg is an Interpreter and Certified Language Instructor in Houston, Texas. He teaches English, Spanish, and other languages to businesses and individuals. He also lectures on accelerated language learning.

Dondero speaks over 20 languages. He speaks fluent Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. He also speaks all other major world languages including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, and Arabic. He has learned basic skills for many smaller languages as well.

He has traveled to 25 nations worldwide in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. He has also traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and Mexico.

In the early 1980s he served in the US Navy (Hon.) on both the USS Kittyhawk CV-63 and the USS Luce DDG-38. He then graduated with a BA in Political Science from Florida State University.

Eric In 1988, Dondero was a travel aide to Libertarian Presidential candidate Ron Paul, visiting over 40 states.

He went on to found the Republican Liberty Caucus in 1990, a nationwide organization that helps to elect libertarian Republicans to office.

In 1996 Ron Paul won election to the US Congress from Texas District 14 which runs from metro-Houston to San Antonio. Rep. Paul serves on the House International Relations and Banking Committees. Dondero worked in his campaign and now serves as his Senior Aide and District Representative.

In his off time Dondero is a landscape artist, a world music enthusiast, and enjoys hiking in Mexico.


Certified Instructor for English as a Second Language (ESL) – Worldwide Teachers Institute, Boston, MA. International Certification No. 520106232 (IACET).

Past & Present Teaching Experience: Private Tutor & Business Trainer; Normal Superior – Tampico, Mexico; College of Business & Tech. – Houston; Brazosport College – Lake Jackson; Houston Comm. College; American English Development Found. – Guadalajara, Mexico; & Leisure Learning Ctr. – Houston.

Member, Austin Area Translators & Interpreters Association (AATIA).

Past & Present Interpreting: Trial Interpreter – Houston Area Courts, Interpreter – Various Political Candidates & Elected Officials.