Multilingual Interpreting for Business and Politics

Eric Dondero is an interpreter with the ability to speak many different languages. He is available for conferences and other events throughout the United States and Worldwide. He is also a Certified Language Instructor and the Author of two books on language learning.

Dondero speaks fluent Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. He also speaks all of the major languages of the world, including: German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Hindi, Romanian, Turkish, Hebrew, Greek, Swahili, Dutch, and Indonesian. He also speaks a number of other languages.

Worldwide Multilingual Phrase Book: Survival Skills for Over 40 Languages.

Perfect for globetrotters, backpackers, and other adventurers.

Also a handy guide for business travelers and vacationers.

Buy direct from the publisher and receive an autographed copy.

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Or send $12.50 USD. Check (outside US add $7.50) or Money order to: Portside Language Services, P.O. Box 3334, Lake Jackson, TX 77566 Voice (979) 799-7077

248 pages of easy-to-read phrases for over 40 different languages. An excellent introduction to languages from all over the world.

Pocket-sized for convenience while traveling.

Also Available at Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Borders, Hastings and many other bookstores throughout Texas and Nationwide.

Fast Chinese!

Survival Skills for your trip to China, Taiwan, or Chinatown USA

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Fast Spanish!

Survival Skills for your Trip to Spain, Mexico, Central America, South America or the Caribbean


Media Reviews

“We rated this book 4 Hearts”

Bob Spear, Editor – Heartland Reviews

“So you are off to a new country… Someplace like Europe or Mexico, and you don’t speak a word of the language, and panic is about to set in. Relax. Take a deep breath and reach for a copy of the Worldwide Multilingual Phrase Book… I recommend that you run out and buy a copy…”

Cerie Segal, Travel Reporter – ABC Radio

“If its Tuesday and you’re in Belgium, Eric Dondero’s… Phrase Book will help you meet and greet the locals before you rush to your next destination.”

Durant Imboden, Editor –

“Eric Dondero’s Vacation Spanish is your foot in the door around the Spanish Speaking World, extensive, yet basic, it’s the first thing that I pack.”

Michael Dwyer, Host, Travel & Adventure Radio Show, WPON, Detroit, MI

“Dondero is a good person to have around if you want to order lunch in Addis Ababa.”

Houston Chronicle.

“A useful companion for backpackers and other globetrotters.”

Detroit News

“Front Page Picks”

Len Fulton, Editor -Small Press Review

“On my next trip… This multilingual phrase book will be my constant companion.”

Pat Christenson, Business Editor, – San Francisco Independent

“If you’re looking for a basic understanding… Dondero’s book is a perfect buy and will serve as a stepping stone to fluency.”

Michael Wright, THE FACTS, Lake Jackson, Texas

“Well organized by language groups, the essential phrases are presented at a survival level, adequate to help in nearly any situation in a foreign land… An excellent resource for the foreign traveler.”

Chris Garrick, Assoc. Editor – The Sun, Georgetown, Texas

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